Something screwy is going around here....

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by BillandAlisha, Jul 18, 2009.

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    Dec 10, 2008
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    I did not update NOR did I install any new .wads (well maybe 1)

    CIos38 13a

    Well one day I decided to play Escape from bug island. So I turn on the Neogamma loader v6 to play it, and the Neogamma screen didn't pop up it stayed black. Odd. I thought to my self , maybe something happen with the channel so I tried another game. It worked just fine ( But neogamma took forever to load, meaning it remained black for about 2 min before seeing the Neogamma settings)

    Ok, I thought maybe the channel got screwed up somehow so I went to Wii options, data management and channel to delete the Neogamma to reinstall it. It froze there (right after I click the Channel, you can see that I "clicked it (it turns grey) and it stays that way, unable to move my pointer) , I tried again 2 other times. Same thing.

    Not a soft brick due to I am able to access Wii settings & Data management (in save data)

    So I am thinking possibly a bad .wad? I am able to access homebrew just fine, the problem is...I can't remember the .wad (yes stupid i know) but I will describe it to you

    It's a Neogamma channel, not an auto-boot when you click on it, it looks like this.
    - It saids "Neogamma SD SDHC USB DVD loader " and underneath that it saids "NG" with some type of green circle around it
    -Green background with a light green swearl
    -A swearl and the words "Neogamma SD SDHC USB DVD loader" floats up and down
    -You press start and it takes you to the normal Neogamma settings.
    -It said it is v6
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    Oct 10, 2008
    Is it a forwarder channel ?? Is the SD-card still 'in' ??
  3. Maybe anytitle deleter can find it. Then you can remove the wad? Or hunt down the wad you used and try to uninstall it. Try searching google with the name of the channel. The wads name doesn't have to be the same, as many people rename the wad, the wad manager will know it's the same by the code title of it! =]