Some simple switch hacking questions

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    Hello, everyone

    I'm a bit of a switch modding noob. I read quite a bit of the FAQ for switch modding, but I still have some questions. My firmware is currently on 5.1.0, and I'm running SX OS 2.8. I bought this nintendo switch pre modded and the last guy who had it sent me a backup of the nand from 5.1.0 that did not have boot 1 / 0, and did not have the USER partition. He said that at the time hekate did not give him the option of saving boot 1/0. However I made a full nand backup via SX OS and hekate before screwing with my nand.... And was able to use the boot 0/1 I got from doing so, in addition to the backup he gave me, to restore the nand with hekate. I did this as a test, which I believe was successful. Then proceeded to restore my nand back to how it was before I started screwing around.

    I've got a couple of routes I may want to go.... Either update for better game compatibility... Such as playing super smash bros... or set up an emunand so that I can go online with the sysnand like a regular switch owner and do offline mods and what not with the emunand

    If I choose to update the sysnand, how can I do it without connecting to the internet?

    Once the sysnand is updated, how can I keep it from blowing fuses?

    Does emunand blow fuses?

    Can the amount of fuses that are/are not blown lead to a ban once the sysnand has been updated? I understand there is always a risk... But I mean has anyone reported this as a cause for themselves to get banned yet?

    If fuses are blown, can emunand still be downgraded?

    Where/how can I get the 8.1.0 firmware?

    Sorry if some of these questions are very nooby or have been answered before. Please feel free to link me to any guides or tutorials that you guys think might help.

    Thanks to anyone who takes a moment to respond
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    1) Use ChoiDujourNX to update offline.
    2) ChoiDujourNX installs by default autoRCM. Never boot with official Nintendo boot loader. Always use SX OS boot loader or hekate.
    3) No because you can only boot to EmuNAND with custom boot loader.
    4) Afaik no.
    5) For EmuNAND your fuse count doesn't matter. You always have to boot to EmuNAND with custom boot loader and they disable the fuse check.
    6) Google. Not allowed to link them here.