Some quick Gateway questions

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    Searched around on the Gateway site and the Net, but couldn't find much concrete information. Decided to come here because well, this forum is good for clear, up-to-date info. :)

    So here we go :

    1. I'm going to buy a 3DS XL with firmware 4.4. This is compatible with the Gateway right? I won't need 4.5?

    2. Will I be able to play ROMs from any country on my system? It doesn't matter what country the 3DS itself is from right?

    3. Even with the Gateway, I won't be able to play retail carts of a different country than the system I have right? (just making sure, I doubt I will get any retail carts anyway)

    4. Installation and use is basically like using a flashcart, nothing fancy?

    Thanks in advance!
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    1 : Yes gateway works with firmware from 4.1 to 4.5
    2 : Yes with gateway launcher 1.1a or newer (Actual version is 1.2)
    3 : No, you can't run retail card in gateway mode
    4 : It's a little harder that DS flashcard. You have to put the launcher.dat file on the 3DS SD card, then install the exploit using the blue card and go into settings / other setting /profile / nintendo DS profile to make the 3DS crash and enter into gateway mode. You also have to write the red card micro SD using a tool so it wirte raw data on the card. All needed things are on gateway website. Actualy it's not so hard to use.