Some questions regarding the DSiWare Downgrading method.

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    Hello, I have planed to use the DSiWare Downgrade tomorrow, to downgrade and install A9LH on my 2DS using my A9LH O3DS and 4Swords as entrypoint.
    I have already read the guide and know how to do it, however I still have some questions.

    1. Do I have to uninstall my CIA installed games before I do the transfer? Besides the DSIWare of course. Also, does the amount of installed games inpact the transfering speed?
    2. After the I have done the System Transfer, I will no longer have my NNID on my A9LH 3DS. Can I flash the NAND I have dumped before back, and play my games with the now unlinked 3DS again?
    3. If I want to get my NNID back onto my source 3DS, I have to do a System Transfer after 7 day. But can I still do a transfer after I have already reflashed the NAND? Do I have to format my source 3ds for the transfer before? Do I keep A9LH after formating, or do I have to use TinyFormat?
    4. Before I transfer back to my original 3ds, do I have to backup the NAND of my 2DS to reflash after? After I have transfered from the target 2ds back to the source 3ds, can I create a new NNID on the 2DS?

    That migth have been a huge block of text, however thank you to everyone who answers any of my questions :)
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    1- You can keep your games, but the transfer will be longer
    2- 'don't know
    3-Yep, you keep your a9lh
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