Some Clarifications regarding Hardmod ?

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    I will be hardmodding a N3DS soon, and had some very easy qustions im sure, but I couldnt find them on any of the guides out there...

    1). Can I solder the 4 wires from the motherboard directly to the SD card and reassemble the N3DS, and downgrade the N3DS, and remove the wires from the moterboard? So just attaching 4 wires to the motherboard alone will give u a blue screen? Will I need it in the future? I only plan on playing 3DS games from the SD card, nothing more really, its for my 3 year old son.

    2). When attaching all the wires and plugging it into the PC, upon power up of the N3DS with no program being ran on PC, is that when a blue screen should appear on the N3DS? So just attaching 4 wires to the motherboard alone will give u a blue screen?

    I just want o be prepared before I begin, and the guide just kinda skimmed over that.
  2. blawar

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    Nov 21, 2016
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    1) Yes you can solder the wires directly to the SD card for a temporary hardmod, and then desolder the wires when you are done.

    2) attaching the 4 wires by itself wont cause the bootrom error, you have to connect it to a sd card reader to cause that.
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