Softmoding Wii 4.2E after updating

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by tamiron, Feb 22, 2014.

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    To begin with: I'm a total noobie when it comes to Wii Hacking - please understand if I'm saying bullshit.

    I have a softmodded Wii 4.2E - I have a HBC and I play games from an external HDD with a USB loader.

    I want to:
    1) upgrade my Wii system to the latest Wii version of my region (4.3E). I understand that after I do this my Softmodding is lost and I have to hack the wii all over again. (Is it true?)
    2) Softmode the Wii and get HBC again
    3) Install a working USB loader.

    I have all the things needed to softmode:
    -SD card
    -external HDD

    How do I do any of these things so it works? There are many old links when I search google so I don't know what actually works.
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    Use Modmii to update with out losing your softmod