So what else can this thing do?

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    Lali ho! [​IMG]

    As you know I recently hacked my PS2 and I've got more than enough PS2 games to entertain me for at least a year. But I'm curious. What else can FreeMCBoot do? Are there any noteworthy emulators? Preferably for the N64 so I can play Majora's Mask and Conker. The PSP version kinda blows [​IMG] Also, any decent SNES emulators 'cause my Samsung Galaxy S CAN play Starwing, albeit slowly, but the PSP is inexplicably incapable of playing it, and I can't be arsed to set up my SNES. Also I'd like to play Super Metroid.

    Also, Tales of Symphonia. I know it was released on the Gamecube (which I doubt the PS2 can emulate) but it also had a Japanese release for the PS2. Was that PS2 version ever translated?

    And if there's anything else that's cool that my newly hacked PS2 can do, gimme a shout. Preferably a way of playing MP4 files from a USB storage unit (my MP4 player to be precise) so my nephew can watch the last Harry Potter film without borrowing my Xbox.
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    Snes Station would emulate snes games, though there is no N64 emu to my knowledge.

    There is a menu patch for it, but I don't see a story trasnlation for the tales game.
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    The homebrew scene never really took off on the PS2, so its pretty limited compared to other systems in what you can emulate with it. I've only played Mega Drive and SNES games on it at best. Certainly no N64 emulation.