So this is it, my introduction.

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    Well, researching my threads and things, i forgot that i actually didn't put an introduction thread, well, this is it, I've been longing on Gbatemp as far as one year ago, I met this site several times years ago also, but mainly for NDS flashcard stuff, I registered in March 20 of the previous year because i had a question regarding CFW for the 3DS, and now that i'm here, everything has been nice so far, some ups, some downs, pretty decent experience for me.

    I'm into JRPG's... when they don't bore me (There are times i'm addicted to them, and praising them, and other times, they boooooore the heck out of me), I do like to play once in a while a platformer when is not too difficult too, I would say that, the kind of game that attracts me (solidly) the most are Puzzle/Strategy games,

    I think my favorite anime/manga is definitely JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, alongside Berserk. And the kind of music that i listen to are mostly VGM or OSTs of several animes, movies, series, etc. I don't have a particular band (or favorite one by per se), I just listen what i feel like, though, the only band that has been hitting hard for my interests is definitely Judas Priest, great band!.

    ..Oh, and i'm the kind of person who is fascinated by history, of any kind, of any country, with how big the Internet is, we can access all of that information in seconds, although, it saddens me that even with the power to access (virtually) everything we need regarding history (and the past), plenty of societies tend to repeat mistakes from the past or societies that want to experience mistakes from other societies in order to achieve "Enlightenment" by their words.... I still don't understand that.

    The internet is so powerful, yet, plenty of people spends most of their time in there looking to entertain themselves rather than refining the tools needed for the mission called "Life", this has been my introduction, hope i didn't bore you with this.
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