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    Oct 19, 2006
    honestly you leave the forum for a day and everything speeds on bye and you get lost in the past...

    could someone please assist me in finding a loader that does the following things...

    allows you to force the video mode you want, though im prob going to always force PAL as my Wii is PAL being the UK
    and lists more then about 6 games?

    i dont want orcarnia support, i dont want language choosing and i dont necesarily need the fancy covers though i wouldnt mind either and if tis a channel even better,lol...

    i only ask i ahve trolled about 5-8 posts over the couple of hours and im just getting lost, soo many pages and so much comments and im lost in all the jargon...

    so if you know whats happening on the scene can you let me know...


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