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    I have been pondering whether or not I should purchase one for some time now, and with the addition of Shoptemp, I should probably make a decision. Right now my DS case works, even though there is an open hole due to a "snapped" hinge, super glue all over the back corner, and a loose stylus slot (I have been using tape to make the stylus wider so it fits).

    I have a limited amount of experience in actual hardware management, although I have done minor things like replacing laptop parts (keyboard, etc.), but the point is I'm more on the software side of things, and I don't know exactly what I would be getting into here. So does anyone have any opinion on whether or not I may or may not be suited to perform the operation?

    And next, does anyone know how the build quality of these things is? There are no reviews in shoptemp, so I figured I would ask.

    Thanks, mates!
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    I've replaced a few cases before and what I can say is the shoulder buttons are an ABSOLUTE FUCKING BASTARD to put back on, those damn tiny little freaking springs [​IMG] grrrr

    Also if your not careful you can snap the power switch (or the volume switch) off pretty easily apart from that it's all fairly simple to do as long as you remember which screw goes where and you don't lose any pieces. if you snap the power or volume switch you'll need soldering experience to replace either.
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    if you are still hesitating, tinymonkeyt will be making a review of those cases soon.
    we should have it in the review section in a few weeks, but if you cant wait until then you can check out this topic:
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    You can rest assured the cases you get from Shoptemp are high quality, since they're the exact same as the ones used in retail DS lites. (They even have the fine print on the backside)
    If you want to see reviews, there are a bunch of them at dealextreme.
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