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    Hey guys,
    I found this awesome website.
    It's basically a search engine that gives you swagbucks (currency) from searching stuff!
    But that's not the only way you can earn swagbucks, you can also earn swagbucks from doing daily polls, trusted surveys, and special offers (which gives you alot).
    Anyways, when you earn swagbucks you can then buy stuff from the swagstore which has a TON of merchandise, it varies from clothing, electronics, accessories, video games, and gift cards.
    So check it out!


    ALSO, to earn swagbucks faster use this auto-search bot thats made just for swagbucks.


    Anyways, have fun winning free iPods and stuff!

    Oh btw, make sure to use swagbucks on fridays, that's mega swagbucks days and you can make like more when searching.
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