Snes Pad to Wiimote Hack

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    I want to know if there is some schematic to make an adapter to my snes controller to plug into wiimote.. I searched and found nothing =/.. The only thing in found its a wireless controller that you plug the receiver into the gamecube port... Yes i know that there are many adapters to sell.. But i want to make one }^^ thanks
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    I reckon your best bet is some form of gutswap/bypass with a snes controller and a classic controller (wire it up so the snes dpad operates the classic controller or try to use the classic controller PCB). Trying to fiddle with the bottom port protocols will be a nightmare.

    Still if you want that
    Those two describe the protocols.
    That is a pinout and some source code for programmable chips for use with USB and a PC. You will need to make it I2C to work with the wiimote by the looks of those links- it is a fairly common debug/data transfer protocol which is nice but it will by no means be an easy feat and will require a not inconsiderable amount of electronics skills (and tools to match although they are found easily enough).

    While you are at it though you might as well have a megadrive/genesis pinout

    If you do manage to do it you probably will have a fairly marketable device- wii emulation is doing quite well these days after all.
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    And when you break your pads, buy one of these on ebay. [​IMG]