Smash bros cartridge and data problems

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    Apr 2, 2010
    Months ago,I launched luma and made sure I unlinked nand and emunand.I updated emunand enough to play pokemon sun,and smash bros and its data were working fine until yesterday.please note that I have legit mewtwo I get an error tellung me that I do not have the most recent data in SD to run the game and play with my save file.the game asked to connect to eshop for this.
    If I recall correctly,my emunand is atleast 11.3
    Anyone that knows what to do?
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    1. Back up all your saves with Checkpoint or JKSM; I'm assuming Super Smash Bros is from an official game cart.

    :!: Do not continue if your SSB is on an 3DS flashcart like Sky3DS, Gateway 3DS, or StarGate 3DS. Tell us this if that's the case.​


    2. Back up your HOME Menu games and legit Super Smash Bros DLC with GodMode9. Use the Build CIA (legit) if you legitimately purchased that DLC from Nintendo eShop. Only use legit option if you actually bought it. For everything else, use Build CIA (standard). You may also need to back up your Super Smash Bros.
    3. Copy everything off your SD card onto a computer. Reformat it as FAT32 + 32 KB cluster size using Windows File Explorer or guiformat.

    4. Do a Full Write + Verify Test in H2testw to check for hardware problems. If the card passes, delete the *.h2w and put everything back on.

    5. Update your custom firmware on both the SD card and CTRNAND.
    • If you have Luma3DS (v7.0.5 or older) using arm9loaderhax (A9LH):
    6. It is recommended that you give up using EmuNAND. It has no benefits for the typical 3DS users.

    7. Access your Luma3DS configuration by holding (Select) when you turn on the 3DS.
    • Use these for your settings. Do not mark or select the ( ) Disable ARM11 exception handlers.
    8. If you've never used Rosalina HBL injection, here's a tutorial:
    9. Reinstall all your *.cia files with FBI and restore your saves with whichever save manager you used.

    10. Update your official 3DS firmware to 11.8.0-41E in System Settings. You should see Sys if you're using SysNAND.

    11. If you've never done so before, back up your SysNAND image and keep it safe on your computer.

    Other Notes
    I. If you can't update the games, delete the updates as they probably have fake ticket. Try again.
    II. For out of region games, find installable *.cia updates at that iso site.
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    Apr 2, 2010
    Hey there.Thank you for the reply,as well as Italian links.However I decided to update luma3ds and Emunand.It still didn't work until I downloaded the latest smash bros update from 3ds eshop and I had to redownload dlc.Yes,it is a retail cartridge.I assume some files,not all,got corrupted in my SD card.Who knows what happened.Still,I preferred to disable the network on my consolle,just jn case it was a forced update