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    Jan 5, 2016
    United States
    Can somebody help me here real quick?
    I have Smash Bros in CIA format (My own copy)
    i install it with BigBlue..
    But it works!!
    But since i cant access the eShop i have to find the cia for the latest update
    But when i install the update with BigBlue The game at the start just says
    This( Spoiler below)

    I am COMPLETELY new to 3DS CFW, Completely i came from the PSP/Wii scene and just
    got into this please help?
    my sysnand is 9.2 with rxtool i downgraded from 10.3 (2DS)
    I have no idea what my emunand is. I think they are linked so its probably the same?
    If it matters it is the USA copy of the game.

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