Smash Bros 3DS, Error Code: 002-0119

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    Hey guys, I have a few questions if anything would be kind enough to answer them :)

    1) When I try to go online on Super Smash Bros 3DS I get a message saying:

    "In order to use this service a system update is required,

    To perform a system update, select System Update from Other Settings in System Settings"

    I am on Gateway Ultra 3.7.2 BETA
    I am on EmuNAND (GW3D 9.0.0-20E)
    and SysNAND (9.0.0-20E)

    Is there anything I can get to prevent this error and play online again?

    2) I have been away from the scene for a while, is there a good way of getting homebrew onto the 3ds?

    3) I downloaded "Free Multi Patcher V0.5.cia" I am unable to get it running after installing it with Title Manager, any tips/alternatives

    4) The AL9H installer lets you boot staright to EmuNAND without using the Zelda/Cubic Ninja 3DS Card right? I am not interested in doing this yet but I was wondering if there is a difference between GW Ultra 4.2 and 3.7 currently, they seem similar

    Thanks :D
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