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    Jul 6, 2010
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    i have my laptop triple booted with windows 7, linux mint 10 gnome, and linux mint 10 KDE. all of them are 64-bit. i know i can just install the KDE desktop on my gnome distro but that causes KDE to lag all kinds of fuck and i don't want my KDE and gnome apps to get mixed up in the mint menu/kickoff. i have gnome, only because i'm more familiar with it and i'm just getting into KDE.

    i have an Nvidia Geforce 9500m GS. it's a bitch to get it to work properly with gnome when it comes to fixing tearing, AA, and AF. but i managed to fix it perfectly using compiz.
    however, in KDE, using kwin i'm getting some seriously low framerates when minimizing or restoring minimized windows. i've installed compiz and was able to fix it the same way i did in gnome, but the window decorations suck bawls with my KDE 4.6 - i can't use default KDE decorations. also, i generally prefer kwin as of now since it's easier to fuck with and when i enable too many effects in compiz, it slows down just as bad as kwin anyway.

    anyway: kwin animations are perfectly fine if i only have small apps open, like a terminal. but once i open dolphin, or chrome, all hell breaks loose and my framerates drop down to about 10fps while minimizing/moving/restoring.
    i have nvidia driver 260.19.44 x64 on gnome and 260.19.06 x64 (beta driver) on KDE, because the nvidia installer gives me shit about the 260.19.44 source and doesn't let me install.

    so i'm wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or knows any ways to improve kwin performance.

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