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    hi guys! So, I have a question about Skyrim. It's purely theoretical though. Anyways, let's say the Dragonborn decides to overthrow both the Stormcloaks AND the Empire. Let's imagine that the people of Skyrim view him as the "Second coming" of Tiber Septim/Talos. He amasses an army of Followers, Companions, Friends, and Allies. By 4E 212, He has conquered all of Skyrim, Solsthiem (dunno if I'm spelling that right) and Let's say that by some divine miracle(or divine prank) the Thalmor do NOT want to mess with him, for one reason or another, whatsoever. He moves the Capitol of Skyrim to another hold besides Haafingar. Where do you think he would move the capitol to? Which Jarls would submit to him, remain his friends? Which Jarls would oppose him, and be destroyed? Who would be his most trusted allies and friends? Let's say he disagrees with the Stormcloak ideals, but despises the Enpire as well. Why do you guys think about this? I want some details! Go all out, fellow TES nerds!
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