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    Apr 11, 2016
    I know this has probably been posted a million times, but I'm sh*t at following tutorials so don't really get any of the ones I've seen online. What I'm looking to do is ensure I don't get banned playing online using a private header (It's a SKY3DS+ Orange Button, latest one)

    Just wondering if anyone could spare a few minutes of their time to give me basic and easy to understand instructions for a simpleton like myself! (Also just wondering, do we need an actual game cartridge for each game we want to play online, or will just one real game cartridge do for every game?)

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    Jan 26, 2016
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    I've never used a sky so I'm not sure how to get the private header. However, you can dump a header from 1 cart and use it on any game.

    That being said, a better option may be to use ninjhax through the sky to downgrade to 9.2 and set up CFW. This will let you install CIA files which don't require private headers to play online.
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    if you have trouble following tutorial then it makes no sense telling you how to do it then
    go look at a youtube video

    to answer your question: you can use the same header to play all your games online, and you need any stupid game with online support. Like steel diver
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