SKY3DS - Now Supports Over 10 Games!

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    It's a shame that they sort of screwed over their early adopters in the first month of release, but here are the confusing instructions by them.

    I'll give this a shot later today.

    1. ROMs (strongly suggest that you back up the downloaded ROMs, you will know reason behind)
    2. click Skye3DScTool.exe (Skye3DScTool.exe will rewrite the game ROMs, so you must make a backup before conversion)
    3. After run the program sky3dsctool
    4. Click […] button or [File] [Load File]
    5. Select the ROM game will be converted6. select [Open]CODE is the current game code, copy down until template.txt file will go to find and modify.
    7. click [conversion] crack8. Tips: click [OK], and then research for the game coding from template.txt, and modify the game corresponding data, there may be more than one research results, all you should modify.As shown picture, the game corresponding to the second row of data in the sixth and eighth, respectively, the data was revised to “F8″ and “98”, which would allow the burning process DiskWriter.exe considered NO EEPROM game format, with it we work together to convert good game ROM.
    After modification, save and exit.
    9. the following step is normal burning, burned list EEPROM status is displayed as “NO” is right.
    10. After burning the tf card inserted sky3ds and run it on the 3ds.
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    Jan 29, 2009
    This was already done in a separate thread. i even retranslated the instructions.

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