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    I just received my new sky3ds+ and i have a few games I dumped from carts I physically own, via the gateway dumper. If i just copy copy the roms to the sky3ds+ sdcard will it read the header, save salts, flash ID and cart ID or will i have to add the info manually to the associated cfg file generated for each game? If so are they're any tools aside from the gateway rom patcher i could use to extract the header info? My goal is to avoid bans and the ability to play online with my backups.
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    Won't have hands on mine until Thursday, but from what I understand they tell you how on the FAQ on Sky's website. I believe you have to edit the config file a bit.
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    It will create a cfg and a sav file for each game. You'll just have to circle through all your game.
    Once the files are create put the SD card back in your PC, edit all the cfg to put in your private header and delete all the sav files.
    Put your SD card back in the SKY3DS+ and circle through all the games again. This time the sav file will be created with your private header.

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