Sky3DS Game auto cycling

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  1. overlord2000

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    Jun 9, 2015
    I'm asking a help to understand why some games are in auto cycling

    The games run below 100% and can change at any time with the blue button

    1> Zelda a link between worlds >> 100%

    2> Super Mario Bros 2 >>>100%

    3>> Pokemon Omega Ruby >>> 100%

    because the games below are changing automatically?

    1> Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

    2> Yoshi's New Island

    3>Mario Party

    And many other new titles, I'm using DiskWriterV202b1 and the last template of the day 06/08

    Because the pokemon ruby works and the alpha is running in auto cycling?

    I'm using a micro SD Sandisk Ultra 32GB class 10 HC 1

    I do not understand, if the games take up normally, because others give this problem? Will rom? Region?

    Help me understand I beg
  2. cb9

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    May 19, 2015
    If your Sky3ds is cycling games that means you have a red button sky3ds in a blue button case get a refund from wherever you bought it & buy another one from a trusted site.