SKY 3DS + Simp-list Suggestions\Clarification

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    Jan 20, 2015
    2 NEW 3DS

    9.6.0-24E, EmuNAND ??? How to check

    9.5.0-22E (MME), EmuNAND ??? How to check

    SKY 3DS +

    Evo Plus Micro SDXC 128GB

    Title requiring an update 2 run.

    yokai watch 10.1

    1)Simp-list way to access US\JAP rom.

    2)Enable roms that require update to run.

    Is this possible to do on 1 3DS? (sumhow), otherwise


    I update to 10.1 to enable titles requiring update?


    Backup sys. Downgrade to V9.2, enable access to US\JAP roms via Ninhax + Cubic Rom?

    3) How to access

    2230 - The World Ends with You (Europe) xms-weye.nds, will not show up.

    Simp-list Suggestions\Clarification Appreciated!