SigHax/Boot9Strap Roundup Info Thread

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    The latest advancement in the 3DS homebrew scene is here: SigHax, and Boot9Strap. Thanks to the 3DS's bootroms being dumped, SigHax/B9S allows for CFW to be run instantly after the execution of the bootrom. This opens many doors for homebrew developers, and the scene in general.

    :arrow: Here is an early FAQ for users that want to know more information on what exactly SigHax is.
    Thanks to @icefire82G

    :arrow: Of course, if you need to know anything in intricate detail, the 3DS guide has you covered.

    :arrow: If you're wary of the chances of bricking your 3DS, check this user-updated poll, which keeps track of successes and bricks.
    Thanks to @Lia
    :download: Luma3DS (with SigHax support)
    :discuss: Discussion thread.

    If you have any corrections to offer, please PM them to me, and I will update the OP to the best of my ability.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.