Should I start over?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by theman060606, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Nov 3, 2008
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    First: thanks to all for your information and great work in expanding the capabilities of my new wii.
    My scenario: I have an NTSC wii with HBC installed (I think its v8 not v9, but how would I know?) IOS 247 and ios_fix installed, updated to 3.3u and wiigators v1 backup loader installed. Some HB games work, some don't (quake, asteroids, pong work, Doom and some others don't). most importantly, the backup loader is not working for me. I have burned many discs (all TDK discs so far, my Verbatim spindle is on the way) at various speeds and each results in the DVD Region error. I want to install the v3 loader but read that the previous IOS must be uninstalled. Then I read that if you uninstall the IOS you cannot install the new IOS if the wii has been updated to 3.3U. Then I read that you CAN install the new IOS if the 3.3u wii has the ios_fix installed.
    My question: given that some HB games don't work and the loader doesn't work, should I assume my entire installation is somehow faulty, delete everything and start over with a clean SD card, HBC9 and the v3 loader? If this is the best option, how do I delete everything that's been installed on the wii?
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    I'll leave that for the Backup Loader Users to Answer... [​IMG]
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    To format (delete everything), go to your system settings and hit Wii System Format.
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    With all of that installed...I would go back to basics and start from scratch
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    and after you do that start installing things with following the tutorials , cause in your case so far cios247 is not needed unless you are trying to run the two loaders together , each one of these loaders have it's supporting cios that mostly installs under cios249 , so be sure to understand what is for what cause it's so important , and you don't wanna format your Wii everyday [​IMG]