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    So for quite awhile, I have had arm9loaderhax and have loved it. I am personally a fan of the "put it there and forget about it" approach to cfw, so I have reinand for quite awhile back in the menuhax days. Since I got a9lh, I switched from reinand, which I prefer, to luma just for a faster boot rate. So its been fine and all and I was a bit butthurt about not having the exact kind of cfw I want until I saw saltcfw, that was a minimalist cfw that booted even faster than luma. Only issue is, salt is a sysnand exclusive cfw, and I still have an emunand. Now that I have told that little story, now lets get into the issue. So there has been a lot of conflicting statements of if nintendo can patch a9lh, and some how an emunand will protect you. On the otherhand, some say a9lh can never be patched, an its ok to have a sysnand with all your data. So is it safe to have your games and save data on your sysnand without worring that puts you at risk of nintendo removing a9lh from your system. Please give answers only if you are completely sure, and if you know what you are talking about. More arguing in this tread will only make me more confused. Thanks to anyone who respoands
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    Why are you asking this tbh? Are you going to send your system in to Ninty? If not then your gucci lol, no need to worry about having your games/savedata on your sysNAND, you're perfectly fine

    On another note
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    Nintendo can't easily patch this, we have counter measures, etc. I keep an emunand because I'm paranoid and test really silly system modifications but with the NX coming soon and the 3ds being around 5 years old, I wouldn't expect a9lh to become kill.
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    Anything that could circumvent FIRM0/FIRM1 protection could also circumvent EmuNAND. You aren't any safer from Nintendo on EmuNAND with A9LH.

    The only thing an EmuNAND protects you from is yourself, and even that is moot with good backups.
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    Nintendo can not remove A9LH through an update., the update from 10.7 to 11 proved that there's just no way to remove it. The only way for them to remove it now, is either through a hardware upgrade or to physically remove it from your system. And to be sure, I have personally done a lot of testing with all of the CFW's, by downgrading system to 9.2, then updating it with the FIRM0/1 protection on. The results, all of them protected my A9LH install and my system went through each update without hassle.
    A9LH boots at such an early point, that it would be impossible for Nintendo remove it through a system update. The most they can do is update the FIRM0/1, which will brick your system if they are not protected. Since every CFW that properly supports FIRM0/1 protection, you are safe to always update and there is no longer a need for emuNANDs.
    Although, I always suggest waiting until hard mod users update first, just to be safe.
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