Serious 3DS Flashcard Confusion

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    Aug 5, 2014
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    I know I may get some backlash for asking, but I've looked over the forums (not just here) and I can't seem to find a concise answer. Question 1: I had a fire card for my DS lite that could play my backed up DS games and GBA games. Is there one that does this for the 3DS?

    Question 2: What card should I buy for my purposes? I know there are the Gateway ones and the R4i ones, but there are so many and I don't know what does what.

    Question 3: I'm looking to play my old DS roms (mario 64 ds, etc), and be able to play my GBA roms too. As well my backed up 3DS roms.

    Are there any cards that do ALL three? or will I need multiple cards?

  2. gNuke

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    Jul 15, 2014
    Multiple card will be needed gateway for 3ds and ds titles, super card dstwo for ds and gba. Remember to play 3ds titles the highest firmware your 3ds can be on is 4.5.
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    Hey nonlocality! Welcome to GBATemp. You're right, you're probably going to get lots of backlast for this thread because your questions are actually ones that don't require their own thread. If you look at the stickies in this forum (which are a great source of information, might I add) you'll find many existing threads that are relevant to these questions. Specifically, the one titled "3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask Questions Here." This is a thread dedicated to "noob" questions, or simply basic and non-basic questions about anything 3DS flashcart/homebrew/hacking-related. Here, I'll even give you the direct link:

    What you'll want to do to avoid backlash in the future (if you decide to stick around after your questions have been answered) is refer to stickies for any information you might need related to this kinda stuff, and only create a new thread when it's absolutely necessary. You'll find that this forum is most helpful if you try to help yourself first, and that includes taking 3-5 minutes out of your day to review the stickies and at least make a conscious effort to either find the information yourself, or post your questions in existing threads where they belong. Hope this helps :)
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    All 3DS flashcarts come with 2 cards: one for 3DS games, and one is a cheap DS flashcart that is mainly used for installing the exploit to run the 3DS card (but it can run most DS games). A lot of the DS flashcarts will work on 3DS if they are updated (Supercard DSTWO for example). There is NO single card that can do everything but you can run the exploit installer on any compatible DS flashcard.
  5. Shadowhunta

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    Get a gateway, plays 3ds roms and comes with an R4 card to play DS roms, then just get a GBA emulator for the DS card, done.