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    While this is not particularly useful its still interesting
    You can defeat bosses out if order
    No effects on the game except a harder difficulty
    I've only tryed on the vita version but I don't see why it wouldn't work on other versions

    Step 1
    Start a new game

    Step 2
    Complete the first boss in world 1 and 2 like normally
    Make sure to collect the health boost after the first world 1 boss

    Step 3
    Goto world 4 and go underwater with the sub

    On the bottom there's 2 hidden rooms you can just swim into
    Grab the health boost and if you want to grab the weapon boost

    You don't need the weapon boost but it helps

    Step 4
    Go back to world 2
    there's a spot where a large enemy is shooting 2 damage shots
    Jump into the wall above where they hit

    Normally you would have to beat world 2 boss 2 for the running ability
    But you can jump accross the acid

    Hold right and spam cross
    After taking damage you have just enough time to get a second jump before taking damage
    Use that to get the health boost on the other side

    Step 5
    Continue in world 2 until you find the underwater area that's blocked off
    Shift into the background layer and swim down to collect the health boost

    Step 6
    Go back to world 1
    Grab the health boost at the start by shifting

    You should have 7 health now
    that's all you need because you will be taking 6 damage

    Step 7
    Head to world 3
    Progress normally
    Do not take any damage

    Damage boost jump across the acid
    after damage boosting past both acid pools you will have 1 health left
    Now if your careful you can reach the boss and heal before entering

    Step 8
    go into the boss
    This boss is made to have stuff you have to beat world 2 boss 2 to survive

    When it floods layer 1 with acid do not damage boost
    Shift to layer 2

    Normally you need to run to survive
    but layer 1 is smaller than layer 2
    So you can get around running by jumping then shifting
    Before you hit the acid shift again
    You have moved 2x the distance which will prevent the boss from smashing you when you turn

    When the boss creates a forcefeild you can shift then walk around the boss and shift back
    Do circular motions until is exits the force feild
    The boss can also jump back and start healing
    shift back with it and you can do some damage or steal some health
    When it stops healing suddenly shift back to avoid being smashed
    This should be done when it jumps back and starts doing full screen attacks to stop it early

    Rinse and repeat

    Step 9
    when you defeat the boss you get the rocket ability and all your health restored

    damage boost through the acid lake
    Then heal at the boss entrance

    Leave the sanme way you came
    Damage boost without getting attacked

    Step 10
    Since you have the rocket your able to get the charge attack which is needed to get the phase ability

    The world 2 boss 2 is the same as world 3 boss 1 but it can summon minions
    They only take 1 shot to kill

    So use the same strategy as before

    Step 11
    goto world 4
    Take no damage
    The large flies only take to charged shots to kill so you can just dodge and attack

    Damage boost across the acid lakes

    When you reach the boss its the same as before
    But you can cancel the forcefeild with a charged shot
    doesn't need to be fully charged
    Can be partially charged

    When you beat it you get the pase ability
    And that's all you need to finish the game with the sequence break

    Step 12
    In world 3 there is a area with a wall preventing progress
    Normally you need 6 abilitys but you have only 5
    You can phase through the wall
    Avoid attacks and damage boost to the end

    Step 13
    Brag to your friends with a screenshot of the menu screen that's missing the 3rd ability but has everything else

    You don't get any new ending but its interesting how you can sequence break without glitches

    This also saves ~15mins if your speedrunning tge game
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    Nice method. Unfortunately, I love the game and want to collect everything so I probably won't use it.
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