Semi-Serious Issue (Enso + SD2Vita)

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by mccrackey, Aug 3, 2017.

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    Hey, folks! I'm running into a big problem. I messed up while setting up my SD2Vita adapter with my slim Vita and need a hand unwinding this tangle. First, the symptoms:

    When I turn my Vita on, I see the Enso logo. After about 30-45 seconds, the normal Warnings/Advisories show, then the screen goes black. The game card light continues flashing at breakneck speed, but nothing else loads. Eventually, the solid green light starts blinking, and remains in that state indefinitely. If I reboot, the safe mode screen shows. If I reboot without the SD card inserted and only my original 8 GB card in, the system still loads in Enso mode, but there is no content (such as Vitashell/Molecular Shell, Enso, or any of my games). This prevents me from being able to FTP back to the device, and I can't reinstall Molecular Shell thanks to the Henkaku installation site seeing that I'm already running Enso. Great. This feels like a soft-brick, but I'm still able to do enough in the system that I still have hope.

    My setup: I have a 64 GB micro SD card in the SD2Vita adapter, and it contains the backup from my original 8 GB memory card. I have tried reloading the system alternately without the 8 GB Vita card, or without the Micro SD card.

    What I perceive the problem to be: So this is my bonehead move. I backed up my Vita's 8 GB card to my computer, then I updated the system to Enso, then I set up the SD2Vita and moved the files from my computer back to the SD card. I'm assuming I'm missing some files required for Enso on the new Micro SD card. Either this is the issue, or my pointer file (config file/skprx) isn't set up to work properly.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! I love my Vita and use it as my main emulation machine... I'd hate to lose it!
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    More then likely you didn't backup ALL the vita's files from the memory card. What I find is that some files are "hidden" and you have to make sure Windows is setup to show these files.

    One thing you could do is put back the 8GB card and double check that you backup everything (compare file sizes)
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    Have you got your tai folder on ur0?
    Have you properly backed up your entire Vitamemory card (FTP might be slow but it does back up everything)
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