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    Ok. Quick intro (and yes I posted in the Intro section.) I've modded 4 Wiis on my own using, and that site led me here. I love both. Though I've done 4 Wiis, I'm in no way a hacker or anything; I'm just real good at following directions.

    So, I preordered my DSi XL a month ago, and 2 weeks later got a used original DS with Supercard SD. LOVE IT. Can't imagine my XL without a cart, so I ordered one on Friday and it should come today. I've read around 50 different threads (probably over 400 pages, 1000 posts [A trillion words? Who can say?].) My questions here are specific to me and are mostly things I haven't found answers to, questions I've come up with from the answers I've gotten, or just stuff I need clarified. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps (or even just if you've made it this far.)

    1) I ordered my Acekard 2i from I have no idea if this was a good idea. Most mentions of them on these boards are just people asking how they are, with no answers. I hope to answer today. I got a tracking number (USPS) the day I ordered and it left the Orlando FL sorting facility 29 hours ago. Since I myself drove to and from Orlando last night, I really hope it gets here today.

    Anyway, the question is: has anyone knowledgeable or experienced ordered from there, or heard stories of success or defeat?

    2) For one second, let's assume I get a clone. Do clones work? Commander Cody is a clone of Jango Fett, but he gets the job done. I've read a bunch about AKAIO and I've surmised that 1.6RC2 will let you know at startup that you have a clone, and I think I've read that it blocks clones.

    Question here: Is there an older version of AKAIO or even Acekards official firmware that will at least let me play roms on my clone? I would love to Mooonshell it up and Homebrew and whatnot, but even if I can only play Roms, I'll be thrilled.

    No we're assuming I got a real one.

    3a) 1.4 update. Will I still need to do this? or is it built into 1.6RC2? I'm assuming I still need to do this.

    3b) I've seen in some posts "use a dsl to run this file." Can I just use my XL to update to 1.4 compatibility?

    4) In the AKAIO wiki, it says "[snip] move the included __aio folder and akmenu4.nds file to the Root of your microSD card.
    #2 Download the latest loaders from the AKAIO loaders page
    #3 Download the latest Wi-Fi plugin from the AKAIO Wi-Fi page

    Are the loaders and wifi plugin that come with the current 1.6RC2 the latest ones. I assume they are.

    5) Is there a way to get dsiware using Acekard similar to using wads to put wiiware or virtual console stuff on my wii? I actually bought the 4 games I really wanted anyway, but there are 3 or 4 more I wouldn't mind having.

    6a) I know with Acekard you use clean roms, but will i be able to copy my .sav files from my Supercard? As long as I make sure to name them the same as the .nds? I'm not too far into any one game so starting over shouldn't be a huge problem.

    6b) Is it possible to have 2 copies of the same game on my sd card? Like if I name them PokemonSS1 and Pokemon SS2? And make sure the .sav files are named accordingly?

    7a) sd cards. I have a PNY 2gb that doesn't have a class on it. I haven't seen anyone say anything about PNY one way or the other, but it's what I have laying around the house. I really want an 8gb card, but that' not in my budget even from right now (not to mention I don't want to wait). Office Depot has a 4gb Sandisk class 2 on sale for 15 bucks right now. Everyone says you want a class 4, but I'm just a casual gamer. I have a 5 and a 7 year old, so we're mostly Mario, Pokemon, Scribblenauts, Peggle with a little Zelda and Dora thrown in. When I went from discs to hard drive on the wii, I only noticed better loading on a handful of games, so will the class really matter for me?

    7b) I plan to get an 8gb in the next few weeks. Will I be able to just copy all my data over and have it work? It works that way on the wii, so I'm hopeful.

    8) Is there anything I need to know about DLDI patching? I didn't need to do any for my Supercard, but that seemed like a fairly simple card to use.

    Again, a huge thanks to anyone who made it through this, and a super big thanks to anyone who can help. I'm off to do laundry, so unless my laundromat has wifi, I won't be around the computer for some time.
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    I will try to answer as many questions as I can.

    2. Yes there is older versions of the firmwire that lets you play on clones. But if you are using the old firmwires you can't play any of the newer games. Just so you know.

    3a. It is not built into the 1.6RC2 since it is something that flashes the actual card. It's like updating your BIOS on your computer. Akaio is like windows or linux.

    3b. I am pretty sure you can't since I think DSiXL ships with firmwire 1.4 and because of that it won't work. You must use a DSphat, Slim or DSi/DSiXL with 1.3 or lower. Some sites send the acekard already updated tough.

    4. Everything is included so don't worry [​IMG]

    6a. Yes it should work. But you might have to convert the saves. google shunys web converter and it tells you what to do.

    6b. Yes. No problems whatsoever.

    7a. You said something about using moonshell. If you are gonna watch movies or something like that you should get a card with class6 since it's faster. Otherwise it shouldn't really matter.

    7b. Yes. But I recommend formatting the new card with panasonic formatter first and then copy the saves, games, homebrew and etc... You should extract a fresh clean akaio instead of copying the one you already have on the other card.

    That's all I can help with. Maybe someone else can help you with the rest of the questions.
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    Wow, thanks a ton.

    3a) So I can use an original DS (I assume that's what you mean by DSPhat) to run the 1.4 updater? Cause I have one of those. I also just rememebred that My nieces and nephews have a few DSs, and I think some of them may be Lites at least, so if the origianl DS isn't usable, I shouldn't have a problem.

    7a) As far as moonshell, I probably won't use it anyway, but having the option would be nice. the screens are better than my current player, but i'm happy with that too.

    And the USPS tracking says it got to my post office at 9:43 this AM, so I doubt I'll get it today anyway. Boo.

    *edit* I lied. I called the Post Office and they say it should be with the carrier today!!
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    3a. Yup. Download the updater, place your Acekard on an older DS, and then run the updater from there.
  5. bampop

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    3a) This is after I run AKAIO 1.6RC2? If so, can i do that first in the XL, or do it all in the DSPhat? Or do i need to run something else entirely first?

    Here's to hoping I got a real one.
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    i have just recieved my acekard today it worked straight away on my ds lite but not on my 1.4 dsi so i updated the card using my ds lite with the akw_update_dsl file i downloaded off gba temp somewhere and now my card works with my dsi but i tried my friends dsi xl and it wouldnt work on that.. but in the ds lite update file i downloaded there was another file called akw_update_dsi file so i think you might need to run both the updates iv never tried updateing mine again aslong as it works with my dsl and dsi im happy
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    Going the extra mile to try and answer all questions, although some kind souls have already done like 80% of the job.

    1) From what I've heard, it's pretty legit (the store), so I hoping you have no issues. I've seen people on here order from them with no problem.

    2) Already answered, but yes, recent AKAIO will not work.

    3a) Already answered.

    3b) Already answered.

    4) Same as above.

    5) I think you can, yes, I've seen DSiWare being dumped.

    6a) Already answered, you should have no problems.

    6b) Yes, it is perfectly possible, like you said.

    7) Class matters for some games like Castlevania and others that require fast media, otherwise they'll freeze at some point randomly. I have a class 4 and I recommend going for that if you're on a tight budget and can't go for 6. No problems whatsoever, and I'm using a DSTT (well, Acekard soon). Class 2 should work, but you should consider a new SD if you feel its too slow.

    7b) Yes.

    8) No, that was like 2 or 3 years ago, when you had to DLDI patch manually, but now its automatic, so don't worry. Really old homebrew MIGHT require it, but I doubt it.
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    Thank you all. I was so nervous all day. Your answers were a godsend, and I did it all in about 12 minutes. Maybe less since I went out to smoke. HappyDay indeed.

    On a side note, I assume HBK is a wrestling fan, did you think last night's was better than last year's?