Semi-Bricked Switch

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    Nov 15, 2016
    Hi guys,

    really need your help.

    - Switch on 8.0.1
    - got it this morning
    - installed a SwitchME Rebug
    - (also applied new thermal paste while at it)
    - Rebug Disk showed up in Explorer
    - .UF2 files wouldn't flash to SwitchME on drag'n'drop (would still show old .UF2 on next approach, check by hex-editor and filesize)
    - decided to boot into HOS, and try again to apply .UF2 file
    - couldn't boot into HOS anymore


    removed SwitchME completely, removed wires
    - won't boot at all, no Nintendo logo, no Switch logo, just black
    - can still enter RCM with jig
    - freshly unwrapped Sandisk 16GB, FAT32, 32k Cluster, files from, Kosmos default package
    ---> TegraRCMSmash.exe hekate_ctcaer_4.10.1.bin shows: Kosmos screen, Sept screen, Kosmos screen, then black
    ---> Can't boot vanilla Hekate (show's "stack smashed", screen remains black completely)
    ---> Lockpick_RCM works, and is able to dump 125 keys

    So I haven't seen the Nintendo and Switch logos for a while now.
    I have not yet made a backup, I wanted to do that after the chip install (sigh).

    Any ideas what's wrong here, and what my options are?

    I don't thing I f**ked something up on the board, atleast I couldn't find anything yet. Will try to clean it with Isopropyl tomorrow though.

    Any help would really be appreciated, since this unit isn't even for myself.

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