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Discussion in 'Computer Hardware, Devices and Accessories' started by Stash23, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Hey all, I recently got computer parts from a friend who's traveling the world. I got myself: an ATX Asus Mobo with i7 CPU and a 980 Ti GPU -- along with some other things. My current computer is from 2010, a Gateway FX 6840. So the upgrade is very welcomed.

    Now there is where I need your help, I'm a bit unaware with this. My current Gateway has an amazing case that I love way too much. Although, I found out its case sizing can only fit a Micro-ATX. Of course my new ATX board won't fit inside.

    What I'm looking to ask is if you guys happen to know a case that's similar in function as my current Gateway's? (Here's an image for reference.) As you see, there's a recessed center on its top and multiple ports for various medias. And even the part where it says "FX", that's a door that I can slide to reveal two slots for HDD hot-swapping. To this day I have a ton of USB peripherals plugged into it for on-the-fly use. I was hoping to be link to a case that can feature these things. I understand I may need to purchase an actual media dock, that's fine too.

    Goal is to get something to as close as this and priority is having the media slots.
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    As far as I'm aware, there aren't any that meet everything you want. There's a handful that have a built in sd slot, but nothing for the other cards. 4 usb is not too hard to find, but it's mostly two usb 2 and two usb 3. The few cases that do come with hotswap bays, tend to be a single bay. Closest I know of is this Which has 4 hotswap bays and 3 usb ports (two usb 3 and one usb 2), but it's pretty average in everthing else and lacks the media reader.

    Would be much easier to just buy a case you like with at least 3 5.25" bays and then just get a multicard reader and hotswap bay adapters.
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    with all that functions built in, i guess it's something really specific... and you wouldn't find...
    you can however you can use the optical drive bays to install a hdd hot swapping bay, i think this "part" can be still be found
    this is an example, there are ones with just 1 or 2 slots as well:

    you can as well put plenty of usb and card readers on the optical drive bays, using the 5.25 bays for this effect is a problem to you?

    try to find a case that you like, with plenty of 5.25 bays (there are cases that have bays go all the way to the bottom)
    then you can get theese "addons" and upgrade with your liking
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