seagate goflex 3tb with loaders

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    Jul 29, 2012
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    hi i have seagate 3tb and formatted into fat32, and also wbfs, and also ntsc (i used fat32 gui formatter for fat 32, used ease us partition master 9.1 to partition format to also fat 32, ntsc. Then loaded a wbfs game on the external harddrive in a wbfs folder. Tried it first with fat32 using config loader with n222 and it gives a frament error, also trying out with ntsc formate giving a fragment error. Then went into games setting and changed to n222 into iso 249 and the game loads fine
    with ntsc,wbfs and not sure with fat 32 formatted harddrive.
    then i tried out usb loader gx and formatted fat32,ntsc,wbfs and tried out a game and the loader gx just hangs on a black screen and doesn't load.
    Is the seagate 3tb goflex have problems with usb loaders cause its 3tb.
    I have a iomega prestige 2tb drive working without issues and its ntsc formatted, and has movies, pictures, songs, wii games(wbfs converted) in wbfs folder, and also gamecube games both loaders work well
    Should i just returen the seagate goflex 3tb and try getting a 2tb external harddrive maybe another brand
    can someone mention a good external harddrive that works with both usb loaders
    it would be nice if the seagate works