SD Read / Write Benchmark Homebrew?

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    At the moment, the maximum read and write speeds for the 3DS have been shrouded in mystery.
    Nobody knows exactly how quickly the internal card reader can perform file operations. Does it cap off at a certian speed?
    Nobody knows if spending extra money on a faster SD card will improve performance.

    Many of the previous "test" were performed on class 4 or class 10 SD cards, which actually all very similar read speeds. Recenlty ultra high speed cards have become affortable, with up to triple or quadruple the speed of your average class 10 SD card.
    With emunand now being required for new games to run, I'm sure many are curious as to how they can improve performance.

    Perhaps one of you cleaver homebrew programmers can come up with a simple application that reads or writes chunks of data and display the transfer rate in MB/s so we can get some data collection going.

    Benchmarks can be conducted on the R4i Gold, MT Card, and Gateway card readers as well, and we can have a thread with results from various brands and models of SD cards.
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    I'd like to to know the answer to this question as well but in any case it probably in best interest for users using Gateway, R4i Gold and DSTWO cards to spend a bit more and buy the best Class 10 Micro SD and SD cards available which are: Samsung EVO's and SanDisk Ultra's to insure the best performance possible when using 3DS flashcards, emuNAND and for faster transferring of files from PC to the Micro SD card.