SD File access (borrowing FS code from loadiine_gx2)

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    [EDIT] My bad. Think I'm trying to include c++ in a c file. Let me try again using C stdio.h functions. [EDIT]

    [EDIT 2]
    Fixed. I needed to use standard fopen, fread, etc and add:
    #include <unistd.h>
    #include <fcntl.h>

    See post here for results.
    [EDIT 2]

    I'm trying to add a feature to ddd so that it saves the selected IP to SD.
    I borrowed the FS directory from loadiine_gx2.
    Also utils\StringTools.cpp & .h

    When I compile I get this error when adding #include "fs/CFile.hpp":

    In file included from c:/Projects/ddd/src/discdumper.c:16:0:
    c:/Projects/ddd/src/fs/CFile.hpp:5:18: fatal error: string: No such file or directory
    #include <string>

    I do not see any difference between the ddd and loadiine_gx2 makefiles that would cause this.

    What am I missing? (Probably a library, but which one?)
    Is there an easier way to read write to the sd card?

    I may also end up having a problem with #include <vector>

    FWIW, I have added the mount/unmounts to the main routine and added file read/write to Get/SetServerIp.
    If I can get std::string to work, it should be done.


    PS. Is there a good place to learn Wii U homebrew coding?
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