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    Apr 14, 2008
    So here's the situation: I have a New3DS and several Micro SD cards. Out of those, only one particular 32gb card felt like working with the Gateway exploit, thus limiting my possibilites of installing CFW due to lack of a properly emuNAND formatted card.

    So here's what I did to get my Toshiba 128gb working:

    -take smaller, working SD card with emuNAND and CFW installed
    -dump said SD card to an image with win32 disk imager
    -write the dumped image to the bigger SD card *this will create a 1:1 copy of the small card, including partition sizes
    -use a partition tool (I used Partition Master) to expand the new partition to full size, leaving the "unassigned" 2gb in front of the card intact as that's the emuNAND

    >You now should have a full sized, fully functional micro sd card that boots all your previously working stuff.

    Apologies if this was known, but I just came up with this and it turned out to work just fine.
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