SD card corrupted?

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    Aug 15, 2009
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    So recently I installed some new games on my micro SD card and when I put it into my Acekard whenever I clicked on a game it said that it wasn't there, so I restarted the DS and it is stuck on the Loading screen.

    So I plug the Micro SD into the computer to see if there was a problem. Opened up the folder and..."0gb of information found." the entire thing was empty for some reason, thus my conclusion that my card was corrupted.

    Now my question is how can I recover my lost files? I generally backup my saves but I have been vigorously playing through Phoenix Wright so when the incident occured I did not think of backing up my PW save.

    So yeah, how can I recover my lost nds, savs, .cc, etc. from my micro SD card, or is reformatting it, the only way? I downloaded the Panasonic formatter, but apparently by formatting it it deletes all the information on the card, and I do not want that.

    Additional information: I do not think it's the Acekard's fault, seeing as it's worked for months and this is the first time this has happened to me, See: my confusion.
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    same thing happened to me, on dstt.
    there should be some recovery tools on the net.
    i know my friend told me that he can recover it for me, but i already formated the card... [​IMG]

    to me, my problem occured when i was browsing through google maps, and as the program always saves pictures to cache, my card reached its memory limit and shit happens.

    i can give you only this advice: always have cca 20mb of empty space on your card so this problem cant occur again.