SD Card Compatibility/Issues

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    Hey guys!

    I'm posting here, not really sure if it's the right section for troubleshooting, because I've run into a problem with my Wii that which months ago I had bought a 16GB SDHC card from Sandisk to expand my storage, since my 8GB was running low....wasn't compatible no matter how many times I formatted the SD card, so I gave up (just gave it to my 3DS) thinking that a 16GB SD card just doesn't work with my Wii or any Wiis for that matter. Later, I got my hands on a 2GB SD and decided to have it dedicated for Brawl mods and as you can expect...not working! I gave up on the whole idea, but then...about a week ago, I had a friend over who brought his own 2GB SD card with Brawl mods (Project M to be more specific) and didn't work either, but he told me his own hacked Wii can actually read the card.

    I realized that there's something wrong with an SD IOS or something....tried Pimp my Wii and didn't address the issue.

    Has this happened to others? If so, how did you go around and fix it? I'm stuck with my pretty almost full 8GB SDHC card. xD

    All the above-mentioned cards are deemed as 'unsupported' in the SD Menu, except for the 8GB SDHC that's been there for months...

    Any help would be appreciated!

    If this is the wrong section for troubleshooting, then I would like to request a mod to place in a more proper section. [​IMG]