script dumper - are they pointers?

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    Aug 17, 2012
    Hi everyone,
    Lately I work on translation project of figure skating game -Kurukuru * Princess: Tokimeki Figure * Mezase! Vancouver. Dumping is mannually because I was forced to ommit pointers sections, it was to dificult to update, I'm not sure how to read/modify them.
    It would be huge of help if could someone help of these data analyse because I can't use existing tools like TED, strings are mixed, but they are not single byte (NULL) terminated, It's always random vaule. And section where pointers are is not common, and it don't indicate any position in file. I think that they may indicate pointers itself (after some calculation). I just compared two script files - one original, one Korean and every about 55 bytes theres 4byte word that may indicate that adress of string but not directly, I guess debugger here is needed, set breakpoints at memory map, and some asm skill and I suck in low level code, so It would be great help if any one could explain, or write algorithm, best in c, or just write a dumper/updater of that words. There's also few positions with 10 byte difference at the begining. Here's example screen from comparision of these two files. I put that korean script into japanese rom and it works, so method is the same.
    I forgot to metion that korean version of game is called Figure Princess.

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