Hacking screenstreaming NTR & Snickerstream stops 3ds internet functionality


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Aug 13, 2021
Hey everyone!

last 2 days i have been busy getting my screenstreaming fixed using NTR and in the end using snickerstream for the computerside.

everything works perfectly great up until i am playing for around 10-45 minutes(it depends everytime) because then my whole 3ds won't connect to my router anymore(kind of closing of the whole internetconnection till reboot)
ofcourse first thing i did was using luma debugger to force an internetconnection but unfortunately that doesnt help, and even debug mode won't keep the 3ds on the internet.

the games im using is pokemon ultra moon(on the cartridge itself) and ocarina of time(us downloaded version, console is PAL but regionunlocked) and both are used with layeredFS files to modify the gamefiles(since i tried another cartridge and downloaded game and it didnt seem to happen)

ofcourse i do use the NFC patch in the snickerstream with the correct version and is being installed perfectly(otherwise when i boot OOT3d or Ultra Moon the internet wouldnt work anyway while playing) but my assumption by now is that that is exactly the reason why my 3ds stops all internet connection till reboot.

i hope any of you have another idea what the problem might be since i almost gave up on this problem. if anyone wants extra logfiles for info i can give them when i get the chance since it would be a blessing to get this fixed(since i dont wanna modify my 3ds on the hardware end so i can stream my screen to my friends as long as it isnt mandatory)
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