Save folder and sub-folders organization

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  1. Rick Astley

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    Apr 1, 2015
    Heyah !

    I'm back with a question about emulation, saves and OneDrive (yeah i can't stop with my setup)

    So once again here's my actual setup : All my saves files are stored inside my One Drive root. The emulators from ANY of my PC reads the save, and you can play at any time with any game. I use vba-rr, and Desmume 0.9.10 (also Project64 but this is less important).

    And before starting, no i'll not use any other emulator. I need them, and i'll not change them.

    So here's my thing : I'd like to create folders to put my saves inside. Like OneDrive/Pokemon (since it's 80% of my saves), OneDrive/RomHacks, OneDrive/Mario etc etc Just to make it more organized.

    But if i do that it'll mess up with my setup of reading saves instant and without any problem.

    Is there a way / an astuce with Windows to make possible to the emulator to read ANY folder and load a save inside ANY of these folders?

    Thx o/