Save File Editing, Ram Dumping. Where do i start ?

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    Ive done hours of reading up about this and im a complete noob, im trying to edit save files and as far as i can tell to find the correct offset that i need to edit in the save file, i need to find it in a memory dump. but i cant seem to find a way to do this. i have a N3DS with this setup i have looked into savedatafiler, spider3dstools & ntr debugger but they all seem to be a no go, from what ive read savedatafiler needs a flashcard, spidertools browserhax doesn't support 10.x and ntr requires NTR CFW to be on the 3ds. is there a way i can dump the ram with my current setup, i cant seem to find a solid answer anywhere
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    SaveDataFiler works. It's a CIA file, just install it. You can also use JK's Save Manager to extract the saves.