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    Oct 28, 2011
    I hacked my (and a bunch of my family's) psp's a few years back with no problems (6.60 PRO), but I just started using my psp recently and I frequently get messages on 3 different games telling me the save file data has been corrupted, leading to me having to start over. I never upgraded the hack at any point. Does anyone know why it's happening (I've read some people say you should just buy an official sony or sandisk memory stick?), and how to prevent it?

    I am using a memory stick micro sd converter (with a genuine sandisk micro sd), but It's the same as I did with all the others which don't seem to get the same problem (although I don't know how frequently they've been used). Thank you in advance to anyone who can help. I've read about magicsave plugin, will that be able to help me recover the saves? I'm not sure since it's supposed to be for people who had corrupt save data from upgrading FW?

    I even read somebody saying to rename the save file to it's original name should fix it? This is what they wrote, pls let me know if it's worked for anyone else:

    1. Connect your PSP to your PC via USB or wifi if possible.
    2. Go into the PSP > SAVE DATA folder, and find the folder for the game you're looking for (for an easy way to tell which folder is for which game, at the top of the window, click the views icon and change it to "Thumbnails".
    3. Go to GameFAQs and download a zip of ANY save file from that game (don't worry you won't have to use it). Sometimes just copying the game ID won't work because they'll have a few different numbers or letters.
    4. In WinRAR (or winzip if you must), open the zip and find and copy the NAME of that folder, not the actual folder.
    5. Then, change the name of the corrupted folder to the one that you have just downloaded.
    6. Disconnect the USB Connection.
    7. On the PSP, go under the GAME section of the XMB, go to Saved Data Utility, and check the save to make sure it is no longer a corrupted icon.

    I am sure every corrupt save file is different, but heres what I did. When checking the save game data folder, it was missing the .bin and .sfo files (they must have been deleted when the problem occured) I ran the trialware Smart Flash Recovery (free trialware download, just google it) where you have 3 free file recoveries, I recovered my .bin and .sfo files and than I have to rename and play around with them a bit, copy back and forth, try different folder and file names. But eventually it worked!
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