Save Data Transfer?

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    Dec 9, 2016
    So I've got 2 3DS's which both share a 32Gb SD(Red DS/Blue DS). One is hacked with all of the fixins' Luma3ds, arm9loaderhax, Godmode9, JKSV, SDVT, etc, etc(Blue). I'm curious if there's a way to take the save data that was input on the Red DS and load it on the Blue DS. More specifically if there's a way to find and extract the data for PkSun from the Red DS(which I've been playing) and play said data on the Blue DS. There MUST be a way, like.. the data is totally there, it can't be anywhere else. Oh, additionally, both versions are Sun, and both of them are digital copies. Let me know if I need to explain better, I am do the bad on words.

    EDIT: After thinking more on it, it might be possible to use SDVT or JKSV before fully booting with arm9. It works for everything else right? I don't know how to convert the .cia file to a .bin to load it with arm9 though <_<
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