Sakura Wars UNDUB WIP

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    Oct 18, 2011
    Hello, its a older game now so i am not sure if there is much interest, but this is my first attempt to UNDUB Sakura Wars for Wii because the English voices annoy the hell out of me.
    I have seen some previous topics on this matter but everyone seems to come up against the same problem, the PS2 Japanese version uses encrypted .CVM file which at this present time there is no way of extracting the files from the Japanese PS2 game, So i decided to try ripping the audio using PCSX2's video+audio recording functions.
    So i basically replacing the audio with the Japanese audio recorded from pcsx2 and for the movies i am doing the same and but also adding subtitles (which i transcribed myself from the PS2 videos which had subtitles) so people can understood what is being said.
    So far i have only managed to get the first FMV done and the opening scene dialog up to the 2nd FMV.
    Here is a video showing what i have done so far, (the video that starts playing near the end is still in full English since i haven't touched that yet)
    UNDUB starts at 1min33secs
    Sorry for the low quality on the video, my DVD recorder isn't the best of quality (i used a DVD recorder to capture the above video from my Wii)
    Had to use IOS 222-mload to boot this from USB.
    I may also have to redo the subtitles in that first FMV since the 2nd subs that show go off to fast.
    Also if anyone does know how to extract files from the PS2 encrypted CVM please let me know since it would be really helpful.