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  1. Ains09

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    Jul 7, 2015
    I have been trying to modify my save file but i cant recalculate the checksum, can someone help me?

    The checksum lenght is 4 bytes long it appears to be a Crc-32 but i havent found a way to recreate it, I have tried replacing the checksum with 00s, deleting them etc, but the checksum is never even close to that generated by the game.

    I need it since the post game its basically a big grindfest and by big i mean big, if you want to stand a chance against those enemies you need to grind hundreds of levels and forge the best equipment possible, since even an armor with over 8800 of def and m def isnt enough for survive more than a few hits of these enemies.

    Here are some examples of the hashes generated by the game and the actual crc 32 checksum of the file with the hash replaced with 00

    Game B3 E5 98 61
    Crc32 D4 7C AB 47

    Game 89 D9 69 29
    Crc32 BC 77 11 93

    Game AA 53 E8 6A
    Crc32 5D F5 B6 B8

    I will attach a sample of the save file since i might be doing something wrong

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  2. seikur0

    seikur0 Advanced Member

    Jul 21, 2015
    Gambia, The
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