rom_tool? Trimmable list?

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    I'm searching a GUI version of it, but the Modified 3DSExplorer (GUI) link of this thread
    is broken (both), and the cmd version is a bit complicated for me.

    So, anybody has a link (I know that rom links are forbiden... but utilies links?) to spare to a GUI version of rom_tool?
    And there is any list of reference showing trimmable and non-trimmable games? (I know that CARD2 are not-trimmable-wise)

    Thank you very much.
    Edit: I know that 3DSExplorer (vanilla) can trimm to, but it doesn't show card-type (card1 or card2) of the rom.
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    I used it only for games I have (very few) so the command line method was fine for me, but if you want to trim a lot of games at once it's possible too.
    I'll give you the method I'm using for one game at a time:

    put ROM_Tool.exe in a folder (it can be in another folder than your ROMs)
    in your ROMs folder, create a new text file and rename it to Trim.bat

    Edit the Trim.bat in a text editor and write this line inside:
    "C:\path\to\your\executable\rom_tool v3.0.exe" -t %1
    replace C:\path\to\your\executable\rom_tool v3.0.exe with your real location of your RomTool.exe and filename.
    Keep the quotes around the path, to allow you to use paths with spaces in the filename.

    Now just drag and drop the ROM file to the "Trim.bat" file, and the ROM will be trimmed in "normal mode" (not Full mode).
    All games can be trimmed in normal mode, except Card2 games (Pokémon X/Y, Animal Crossing, etc.)

    To know if your ROM is a Card1 or Card2, or to know if the ROM is already trimmed or not, or if it's a 6.x save KeyY, etc.
    "C:\path\to\your\executable\rom_tool v3.0.exe" -i %1
    drag/Drop the ROM on Info.bat to see informations about it.

    This is a "one by one" solution.
    If you want to trim multiple games at once it's possible with command line, but I don't remember the correct command.
    Someone else will give you one.
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