ROM hack request: "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Final Mix"

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Second topic from your Friendly Neighborhood Sp-- er, Italian user Alex*Sora*89.
    In case you're wondering, no, the "Sora" in my nickname is in no way related to the first season of Digimon; it refers to Kingdom Hearts.

    Long story short, as you can tell from my Tv Tropes page (about which my introductory thread called "R4i-sdhc: the walls so far" told you), I'd like to play a ROM hack of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

    Sad thing is, it still doesn't exist... until now (?).

    However, while the first DS title was quite a giant leap forward in terms of quality from Chain Of Memories (remember, 358/2 Days' gameplay, while not granting free overworld esploration, managed to be almost a carbon copy of the PS2 titles in terms of combat), it lacked something... an option to choose CPU allies [in single-player mission mode], which, and how many (if any).

    I actually did study programming at high school, but ROM hacking is quite another thing, beyond my reach.
    However, I still have an idea about how the changes that have to be made should work, and about the logic behind them.

    The sub-menu that needs to be added will be triggered right after choosing a character with the A button.

    Question: CPU allies?
    Possible answers: On or Off
    Question: How many allies?
    Possible answers: 1 or 2 or 3
    [then (if number of allies > 0):]
    Question: Which ally?
    Possible answers: any of the playable characters
    [then reduce the number of requested allies by one, and if the number is still > 0 repeat the previous step]

    Of course, there are other two ways of doing this.
    The first is another sub-menu like the previous one, only structured differently:

    Question (if the number of selected allies is < 3): Do you want an ally?
    Possible answers: yes or no
    [if yes -choose an ally among the playable characters]
    [if no - or if the number of selected allies is 3 - skip to the next menu]
    [raise the number of selected allies by one]
    [repeat the previous step]

    The final option is an even simpler way to do this, without the need of any menu whatsoever: given that after choosing a character with the A button you need to confirm with START, touching the desired allies on the menu (conveniently placed on the touch screen) results in them joining the next mission. However, it should be noted that this way may result in confusion, so any way to know which character has been picked, either through tiles (such as the one surrounding the portrait of the chosen character for Player one) or whatever, may be needed.

    Something about the request itself.

    Question: do you need anything else?
    Answer: nope, the "Final Mix" title of this topic may be misleading but this is the only change I have to request. So don't change the in-game logo or anything else, thanks.
    Question: do you want the hack to be applied on the...
    Answer: ... European version of the rom. The actual questions within the added menu don't need to be translated.
    Question: about the graphics?
    Answer: if you're enough of a perfectionist you can make a sub-menu styled like the ones of the game, but even a roughly done one is good enogh for me, I wouldn't care. After all, the gameplay improvement that would result from this is everything I need.
    Question: about the weapons?
    Answer: the CPUs should share the same panel grid with the player. You know, to avoid confusion and/or other item panel grid setups and their relative menus.
    Question: final question, do you want the game to check if both the Player and the CPU have picked the same character?
    Answer: if you want, but then again, it's not necessary. Four dual-wielding Roxases for laughs, yeah!

    To those familiar with hacking the heck out of a DS game, this should be relatively simple as the presence of CPU allies is already present in the story mode by itself, and therefore only the required lines of code/program need to be copied.

    I requested this because I have the feeling not to be the only one that wishes his copy of the game to be even closer to the PS2 titles. Also, this would mark the very first time US and EU have their own "Final Mix", "spiritually" speaking, in a way.

    Whether there are any volounteers or not, I already give everyone my thanks in advance.

    Yours truly,
    Princess Toadst-- er, Italian user Alex*Sora*89
  2. Alex*Sora*89

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Double-post for two reasons: taking the topic back to the first page and apologising for the kinda cocky tone I noticed I used in the previous post. My bad.
  3. Bunie

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    Aug 19, 2010
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    You cant really add code to things that are already compiled. this could be done with a simple little hack, but u will have no options in game.
  4. Alex*Sora*89

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Um... what do you mean by that? I just wanted to pick CPU allies when I choose my own characters, that is all - they would simply share my panel grid, if that is what you mean by "options"... also, the hack would use the same code used for CPU programming to use the same CPUs already programmed in-game in single-player mission mode.

    Then again, this would be a topic where I post my own hack to give something to the site, if hacking wasn't something beyond the programming I've learned at school. Sorry about that.
  5. Prof. 9

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    Jun 17, 2008
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    As far as I know nobody's found a way to increase your party yet. We can change characters in the party but not add to them.

    Once that's known, though, it should be a simple matter of adding some code to pick more than 1 character.
  6. Rydian

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    Feb 4, 2010
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    What he means by this is there's no way to change the in-game menus because we do not have access to the game's source, only the compiled binary and resources.

    While it would be possible to change the party, as Prof. 9 (who is a resident hacker/coder here) says, there would be no way to modify the game's menus for such an addition. It'd be done via activator keys (like L+R+SELECT+DOWN or whatever).
  7. Alex*Sora*89

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Like changing the allies in the only single-player, three-characters-party mission in Twilight Town. Got it!

    However, we should still either stick to this topic or move these posts in another previous topic about hacking Days, if we're sure someone will find a way to hack it someday.

    Still, I realised just now it was kinda dumb of me, to create such a topic when there are way more important things to do at the moment (read: that powerhouse of a subject that is the AP in Black and White). My apologies about this, too.