Risky Nand Backup alternative?

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    Apr 1, 2015
    I have had several New 3DS' that I installed Menuhax on but I only have one now. I want to revert to stock to start the A9LH process but I am unsure that the NAND backup I have is for the 3DS I have. Is formatting everything a viable alternative for my SysNand? If not, what else could I do?
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    The guide tells how to switch from emunand to a9lh. Just stay calm and follow it to the letter, you'll be fine

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    And just simply create another backup
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    If you are on emunand:
    This means you are on 9.2 or lower sysnand firmware. you can easily start from a ctr transfer.

    Dump Emunand or sysnand.
    Ctr Tranfers a 2.1 image.
    Install Arm9.
    Restore (Emunand Or Sysnand) as Sysnand.
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    you can dump another backup, then check the new dump and the old dump in a hex editor the first section of the nand is consoles specific, so if the first 100 bytes or so aren't identicle when compared side by side then the backups are not from the same console

    (this is unless you started swapping out nand ncsd headers which is not something anyone should really be doing and if you don't know what this is you probably haven't :P)

    but yeah a system format would also be fine for starting from scratch
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