Ripping videos from roms.

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    Is there a way to do this with those FMV that sometimes precede the title screen?

    For example, I unpacked the One Piece: Gigant Battle rom searching for the opening movie and I found a file called "opening_movie.mods". Is there any way I can play it or convert it to other more common formats?
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    Long story short no unless you decide to loop it back and screenrecord in an emulator (naturally you can hack videos to play in different orders or maybe even inject them into other games to help out).

    Longer story there are 5 main methods
    1) Act imagine- official codec/standard of the SDK and locked down very well (even to those with the SDK). No third party player nor has there been one attempted (if you go searching you might find something for mobile phones which is same company but otherwise entirely different).

    2) ADX/AHX, mainly known for their audio which saw a return with the DS is the company of choice here. No third party that I have seen but they might have something in their site.

    3) RAD/bink video- . Very common in PC and home console games, less so on the DS. The link should sort you some decoding options.

    4) In game cutscene or generated on the console- Done properly it has all the same flair as a video file but orders of magnitude less space. You more often encounter such things on older consoles audio where the players are stripped back emulators as are their music files.

    5) Custom or otherwise uncommon- rare as making a video format from scratch is no easy feat.