Revisiting the Wii artifact problem

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    As you may know, some of the earlier Wiis had issues with artifacts (in the form of random black dots) appearing on the screen, which is blamed on WiiConnect24 for the most part.
    I've had the issue since Super Mario Galaxy 1's release, and recently it has gotten worse (I really want to fix it). A lot of places I've read had stated that it was an issue with the heatsink, so I'm trying to figure out if it's even possible to repair it (without replacing it).
    My Xbox 360 (of 2008) RRoD'd recently. It had been showing artifacts on the screen before then also (although they were showing as greyish bars during black screens). I attempted the RRoD fix (open, remove X-clamps, replace heat compound, overheat, cool it down), and it worked. It even fixed the artifacts.
    This makes me think that it's possible to fix a Wii with an artifact problem the same way. Should I attempt to do a similar type of fix to my Wii (which is out of warranty)?
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    Try doing it but it could also be another component, like the video card
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    Yeah, but what I meant was that the improper heatsink would cause the GPU to overheat. The problem with the 360 is that an overheating GPU caused the motherboard to bend a little (due to the way the X-clamps distributed heat), and I posted this here wondering if it was possible that my Wii has a similar problem.

    Oh, and for some reason the Wii only artifacts when it's running cool. If I try to jam the fan (on the back of the Wii) for half an hour, the artifacts go away. So I feel certain that it can be fixed, although I'm unsure if I can fix it the way I mentioned.
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    No, the wii artifact problem is completely different to the xbox problem, the xbox rrod is fairly similar, but it has a big difference, the xbox one. It is still being cooled however not totally. The wiiconnect24 problem is still running but with no cooling, causing irreversible GPU damage.
    I've had one, messing with the heatsinks and gpu makes sweet fa difference mate. For a start, you'll notice with the xbox, from booting from cold, the artifacts will gradually get worse as it heats up until you get the freezing. But on the wii, they are there from cold start straight away and don't get worse, just stay a consistent badness.

    Give up on it, its a waste of time. On the + side though, the console that I had that had it, is still working fine today, but still has the same artifact problem, it has never got any better or any worse since turning off connect24 and we're talking about 2-3 years since I last looked at it.
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    Hey guises.

    So, I never treated a Wii before, but I'm pretty expert in RRODs and YLODs, so if it's the same issue...

    Let's start with the basics. The problem with 360s is that the BGA solderings underneath will eventually crack up. Thermal expansion is what causes it, most of the times. With the X-Clamp "fix" (which ISN'T really a fix), you're just making pressure on the chip die, and let those broken connections "touch" again, which makes them work again.

    So yes, theorically, something like that could work with a Wii, but IMHO, there's another solution which actually works better... reflowing with an heat gun. If you're able to manage it, the problem will most likely be solved 100% for a fair deal of time.

    I'm not sure if the Wii really suffers with the same problem, but it's worth a shot.

    Be aware that your Wii might die in the process. If you really want to know more about it, just go on youtube and search for "360 heatgun" or "heatgun reflow", you'll certanily find something.

    Good luck!
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    Jun 4, 2010
    Well it just happened to me about a week ago..

    I`m having those artifacts inside System Menu, and now in Smash Brawl, specially when fog appears (and if I keep it paused, black/white dots will appear through fog frames)

    I just sent a letter to Nintendo and hoping (here in Chile) they can replace my faulty Wii..
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    I hate to bump this, but thought it would be better than making a new topic. My Wii has a small amount of "artifacting" mainly on the Wii Menu and bright/poorly rendered textures (Seatown on MW3). Has anyone found a fix yet??
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    I had that issue when I got my wii in 2008 , it was still under waranty and I sent it back to nintendo and then sent me a new one. I believe it was a video card issue . If you havent modded it yet and its still under waranty send it back it wont cost you anything .
    Nintendo said the cause was probably becasue of the usb powering the fan I had for it , or the controllers that were recharging off the usb port.
    never mind I missed you said it was out of warranty. I would just deal with it.
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    Yes, its video related. The artifacts are caused by permanent heat damage on the GPU. There's no way to fix this except getting the wii replaced.
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    After reading this, I'm definitely going to turn off WiiConnect24 on mine before anything happens. Thanks for the warning!